Monday, May 4, 2009

Girl Bands... Uck Yah? or Nish Nish?

I RELINKED THE SONGS, THEY NOW WORK (For those of you who had problems, like anonymous comment kook! Show yourself!)Metric
Don't get the Uck yah part? click this bubble boy

I used to be a punk little shit grom that would spit in your eye if you even dared to play anything other than punk rock in my car. That was high-school. In college, my musical arsenal as well as my dome(rs) began to slowly expand from 80's music, to rap, to reggae, to glam rock, and even some techno (freejoles).
The Sounds

Now it seems that I'm pretty much open to any kind of music as long as it doesn't suck ballz. Recently, I've been listening to a lot of electronic shit and girl bands, and they kinda rock (I'm talking about bands with a girl lead singer). Surely I'll do another post about the electronic music I've been bobbing to but this ones for the myrts! (If you haven't caught on by now, "Myrts" is Hendonesian for hot chicks, no trogs).
Hottest chicks with mullets Tegan & Sara

Usually for me to enjoy a song by a chick it has to be pretty damn hard or she has to be pretty damn hot (usually a combination of the two). Don't get me wrong, I hate that pop bullshit like B Spears and Christina Agulera fo sho. But for all you close minded freaks out there, you might want to listen to some of the following songs that could quite possibly expand your mind and change your musical phylum forevaaaaaaa....

"My Delirium" by Ladyhawke
"Crazy on You" by Heart (ol skool)
"Gimme Sypmathy" by Metric
"Their Cell" by Girl In A Coma (credit K Grom)
"Metal Heart" by Cat Power
"Heads Will Roll" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
"Shores of California" by Dresden Dolls
"I'm a Lady" by Santogold (for Slade)
"Borne on the FM Waves" by Against Me! Featuring Tegan & Sara
"Shut Up and Let Me Go" by The Ting Tings
"Heartbeats" by The Knife
You might recognize these last two from Taylor Steele's Stranger Than Fiction:
"Embrace" by PNAU )Feat Ladyhawke)
"Very Vampyr" by Teenagersintokyo

Decide for yourself whether they are Uck Yah or Nish Nish and write me what you think at Best response and the person to name whose parts belong to the bottom 2 songs in Stranger Than Fiction gets a stoke pack!

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  2. True story, you should suggest your fav one to put up and I will lil bud!