Friday, May 1, 2009


Sup groms,
just wanted to give you all the heads up that the month of April was pretty damn HUGE for all my mates as far as the surf world and exposure are concerned.  

Firstly, to start things off, my brother got his article entitled "Snowstorm: Stumbling upon more than just good surf in Central America" about Sketch Island published in this month's
 Transworld SURF.  So get off your ass and go buy this month's Transworld Surf and Check it out on pg. 42.  It's a fascinating yet gnarly tale!  Can't believe you made it into the mags before me mate, hats off brother!  Much respect!  
Then my friend and local La Jolla legend Derek Dunfee won the Monster Paddle Award at this year's Billabong XXL Awards.  Check out his winning wave here.  HEAVY!
Congrats DD!
Then, if that wasn't enough frothy goodness for Derek, he also got his article entitled "The Elephant Gun Project" published in Surfer Magazine!  The article is an awesome account following his written journals about an epic gun that the legendary Pat Curren (Tom Curren's Dad) shaped for him.  It's an excellent read! Buy this month's Surfer and check it out.  
Next, as I was getting weird on a ranch far far away where the beer and the buffalo trogs roam, UCSB Surf Team Captain and Chaos Crew member lil buddy Joe Leo Riggio was getting wet!  Fortunately, for his sake, this time it wasn't in his dreams.  He was reppin and rippin hard for the boyz of SB and throwin down some mad steez at SD's Wavehouse collegiate contest!  As you can see below, he blew the competition away with frothy Archy Larrys and floater tweaks that'll give you unsuspected heart murms! 
Last but not least, this last weekend while I was up in SB getting weird (AGAIN), Newport legend and IV myrtle frother Spencer Pirdy was pulling into death bombs at the wedge.  We're talking about barrells deeper and wider than Maya Ballzich from "Dang that Gangbang Mang! Part 6"!   Check out his mental kamikazes that got put up on Surfline!  I sure hope you've got a wetsuit sponsor Pirdy cause if I were you I surely woulda soiled myself on this one!  Yikes!
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