Thursday, April 9, 2009

Surf Ambassador Hendo Iz Transforming...

Howz it brahs?
Long time no... blah blah blah (shut it anonymous comment kook!) 
Anywho, lets get to the point.  
Wuz it a safari or surfari?  Only time will tell  
After a mental motor boat trip/safari mission out to Las Vague Ass (BNOML part II), the Ambassador is back and better than ever!  

Dane Knocked out by Owen Right?  More like Owen Wrong!
Bells is goin down as we speak so get your fackin nerd bot on and get your fantasy team on lock down!    
Sir Snarf on the look out for Cougs? or a transforming Surf Ambassador?  PHOTO BY PO PO

Anyways, be on the look out for more shit headed your way... shit that ain't all surf... WHAAAATTTTTTT DID HE SAYYYYYY???????
Das right, the Ambassador of froth has been really busy lately doing a lot of cool shit that doesn't all necessarily have to do with surfing.  But that's not to say that I ain't been surfin lately, cause I've got really salty balls to prove that!

Just keep yo eyes peeled fool
you've been warned

-The Ambassador of...
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