Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cheating On Music?

CHEATING... On Music 
Webdings translation: Cheating On Music?
Why does the font Webdings even exist?  I don't even think 5 year olds can understand that horse shit 

So as you freaks and shneeks may all know, recently I've been in mah downtown studio making ill beats and lyrix that'll make your children go deaf and your dogs run backwards.  I've been using Garage Band and all the instruments they have at my disposal  to make all the beats myself.  However, the other day as I was scouring through my usual craigslist and youtube routine, I stumbled across a tutorial on Garage Band.  This tutorial informed me that there is one single button, yeah one click, on Garage Band that has already made beats for you to sample and loop for days and days.  
I never really considered myself a cheater before (well may be that one time I hid in the bushes and drenched myself in water for 4 laps while the rest of my lacrosse team did their 7 lap punishment, that's different though) but it's starting to become really hard to make beats with my keyboard and the instruments that come with Garage Band.  The beats are usually off by just a mili second and they are never perfect.  Anyways, just wondering, if I were to start using this "Loop Browser" function with already made beats and then lay down my own lyrix, is that considered cheating?
Until I get Pro Tools or a Singapore Monkey to make me sick JUSTICE and MSTRKRFT freejoles style beats, I think I'm gona stick with the Loop Browser button unless told other wise...  
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