Monday, March 16, 2009

Modern Collective

The up-and-coming mental surf flick brought to you by Poor Specimen is in the making as we speak yet it has already shattered the ground that it so elegantly walks on by virtue of reputation alone. Modern Collective is the name and making mouths drop is its game. This new vid will contain the 6 new wave generation legends who are constantly shaping the way the World round wishes they could surf like. Namely Modern Collective will feature Dane Reynolds, Jordy Smith, Dion Agius, Mitch Coleborn, Yadin Nichol, and Dusty Payne. I've been frothing at the mouth since I heard about this shit! It should be prety mental-wees!
Anyways, don't take my word for it, visit the sickel Modern Collective site and try not to lose your lid like many others who have dared enter.
Below are some pics from their RAD blog and below is the gnarly trailer for the flick, check it fool!

Trailer link on Vimeo:

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