Monday, March 16, 2009

Modern Collective

The up-and-coming mental surf flick brought to you by Poor Specimen is in the making as we speak yet it has already shattered the ground that it so elegantly walks on by virtue of reputation alone. Modern Collective is the name and making mouths drop is its game. This new vid will contain the 6 new wave generation legends who are constantly shaping the way the World round wishes they could surf like. Namely Modern Collective will feature Dane Reynolds, Jordy Smith, Dion Agius, Mitch Coleborn, Yadin Nichol, and Dusty Payne. I've been frothing at the mouth since I heard about this shit! It should be prety mental-wees!
Anyways, don't take my word for it, visit the sickel Modern Collective site and try not to lose your lid like many others who have dared enter.
Below are some pics from their RAD blog and below is the gnarly trailer for the flick, check it fool!

Trailer link on Vimeo:

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Monday, March 2, 2009

WCT Event Numero Uno: The Quiksilver Pro, Gold Coast, OZ

Coming soon: How To Do Archy Style Laybacks with Aussie goddess Elle McPherson (photo

The land of froth, freshies, Fanning, and fostaz (not really Fostaz so much) is here to grace us with its stunning and savage presence yet again!  And so begins the ASP's first event on the 2009 World Championship Tour, The Quiksilver Pro, Gold Coast Australia (if you haven't signed up for the nerd-bot tour aka Fantasysurfer, sucks for you cause you're down one comp but you can still sign up and join the cyber squad after the Quikpro as you geek out with your beak out!  Go team "Get Your Dick Wet!"). 
A Walk In The Park for The Man, The Myth, The Legend... Kelly Slater (photo)
After taking a little break after the Pipe Masters, it's easy to see that the WCT's top 44 are frothing at the mouth to show us who's boss!    So far things have started off like business as usual... except for the waves.  Unfortunately during round one of the comp, the waves at Snapper's were too miniscule to compete in and thus the contest moved down the road a bit to the World renowned Duranbah aka D'Bah.  Fortunately for our sake, whether the comp was held at Snappers, Kirra, D'Bah, or the back of Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch, the CTers still gracefully put on a shred show that would make any day at El Kooko look like a circus on meth!  
Aussie Up-and-Comer Julian Wilson shows the crowd a bit of his off-axis local knowledge... how do you do that magic?(photo)

So far, stand outs include: CT rookie Kekoa Bacalso, Damien Hobgood (sick backside floater tweak!), Wild Card Killa Julian Wilson (took out Durbo first round), Kelly Slats, Taj "Myrt Master" Burrow, Mick "Fishbowl" Fanning, and local rippa Josh "Kerrupt Flippa" Kerr.   Unfortunately my agent double booked me for a sock puppet show and some sort of Pog commercial for the week during the comp so I'm not able to make it this time (sorry Occy, I tried)  but check out some of the rad write ups and in-depth coverage that Transworld Surf has been doing (best mag eva of course):

Don't move cause there's more updates , ripping, zipping, and flipping heading your way as the CT's hottest contest gets under way!  
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