Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Irons Brothers Productons Presents "A Fly In The Champagne" Film Premiere/Review

Hendo-neeeeeeejly here, check out the quick vid below for an abriged version of the written review below that...

Lights, camera, shraaaaaalp?

It was a woozy Friday night in Downtown Santa Barbara and the boyz were at it again! Surf Ambassador Hendo loaded up his shred sled and made a treacherous yet triumphant pilgrimage to a land that will forever keep his heart captive... Santa Barbara, California. Upon entering the pearly gates of Isla Vista, he was greeted by fellow Chaos Crew members ready to shralp, froth and foam, and ultimately check out the latest Irons Brothers Productions film entitled: "A Fly In The Champagne".

"Good day sir!" they shouted as echoes of laughter and sounds of clanking bottles painted the hallways of an apartment complex not so far from the once mental mecca better known as The Dojo. "Good day indeed!" a sophisticated yet vigorous Ambassador replied.

The feeling in the air was warm, ripe, and full of anticipation. The film that surfers around the World had been waiting for since the beginning of the greatest all time surf rivalry, was finally here. From the makers of the critically acclaimed film entitled "Dudecruise", the Irons Brothers were at it again and this time they pulled out all the stops! The premiere for "A Fly In The Champagne" had risen upon us like a 21st birthday; fast, furious, and full of froth!

The clock struck 8 and surfers accompanied by hot baby girls far and wide gathered at the Arlington Theater in Downtown Santa Barbara. The red carpet was out, the flannel craze was in, and the Quiksilver tour bus made a screeching halt curbside as famous surf stars Kelly Slater and Andy Irons walked through the hustling crowd towards the silver screen.
For the first time in recent history, Kelly Slater and Andy Irons collaboratively took the stage and after a few minutes of introduction, some grom flow giveaways, and 2 lucky bastards who walked away with autographed boards by Kelly and Andy; the curtains went up and the lights went down. It was game time and the bro calls could be heard for miles!
As the screen flashed with a brilliant intro montage fused with exciting sound bites and thrilling shralpage, the crowd went bonkers! The theater itself must have been packed with at least 500 people and not one of them left their seat for the slightest second.
Surf Ambassador Hendo and Chaos Crew legend "The Red Gunner"
The film dove deep into the undisputed rivalry between surf legends Kelly Slater and Andy Irons. Beginning in 2002 when Andy first took the reigns to dominating the ASP World Championship Tour for 3 years, a spark between the two was born that would forever be insatiable. The battles between the two surf stars are, without a doubt, strikingly comparable to those of David vs. Goliath, Pinocchio vs. Moby Dick, and Mugsy Bogues vs. The Artist Formerly Known As Prince. In the end, Kelly Slater put a dead stop (and continues to do so) to any hopes of Andy or anyone else for that matter coming remotely close to his unprecedented 9 World Title Championships! The film did an excellent job in depicting this tension and competitiveness that fueled the long lasting rivalry which would undoubtedly bring some to tears and others to laughter. Telling the true tale of these two tumultuous trophy trotters is certainly near close to impossible, but if anyone were to hack away and take a stab at it, the Irons Brothers surely get an A plus for effort.
Applause, bro calls, hoots, cheering, and laughter filled the theater as the outro credits scrolled to the top and the silver screen faded to black. At the end of the film, the reviews were mixed, but on thing remained clear... whether they knew it or not, those who had just sat in that theater would forever be a part of surf history greater than they could fathom! Some say surfing heals, some say surfing relieves, but on that Friday night it was evident that no matter what the hell is going on in the World, one thing always rings true... surfing brings people together!

Stay classy San Diego...

Much props and thanks to Lara Brada Studios for the filming, studio location, direction, and production of the short video review/preview!

Chaos Crew members Randall "Da Scandal" and Rob "Kerrzo Flip" Froth
Shout out and much mahalos to Randolph "Da Wizzard King" for the breathtaking photos and ched pastrams sammies!

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