Monday, January 19, 2009

The Powers At Be Have Been Very Busy Lately

Yo wuzzzzzzzzzzup home slice?!
Surf Ambass and his crew of woodworking worms have been frothing in the dark depths of myrtle town foaming very hard on something just for you all! (don't understand a single word I just said?  GOOD!  New Donesian glossary on its way, thanks to Webster).  Anyways, I hate to constantly be playing a game of "just the tip" with you all, but hold on and sit tight cause what is to come shall surely be worth the wait, you have my word on that one (so don't get your panties in a wad Anonymous Comment Kook!).  As a matter of fact if you aren't satisfied with what's to come, I will give you your money back guaranteed, walk the streets of LA in my wetsuit for the day, and eat a bag of orange Crasins in one sitting (we all know how disturbed I am by those fuckin things and what happened last time I did that in Jamul back in 99).  For now check out this frothy vid of Jordy Smith completely tearing Taylor Steele's Stranger Than Fiction to shreds!  This video changed my mind about Jordy Smith for ages to come (even though I still think Dane is sicker and wish I could find Mitch Coleborn's part because it's one of the most MENTAL goofy footer sections I've seen in a while)  But alas, this will definitely suffice, straight up this part is MENTAL!  It's shit like this that just goes to show how truly gnarly surfing has gotten, take it away J Smith: 

Shout out to lil buddy Chris White, heard you messed up yo neck?  Hang in there partner, you'll be frothing in no time.  

Peace out yall and stay tuned later this week

Keep the shhhhhhhhralp alive!
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