Thursday, January 22, 2009

Da Nor Chore Part 2 + A VERY Special Treat

Da Nor Chore Part 2
A very lovely Sunset at Sunset beach right in front of my Sunset Beach Beach House
Yo freaks, shneaks, and tiddly winks
I just stopped by the Red Bull HQ in Santa Monica to make a drop for work and snagged a tall boy of that liquid shneek drink they make and boy let me tell you, I am straight up Ja-hone-zing! (jonesing). If my hand could stop from shaking and my mind could stop from racing, I'm sure I'd think of something relevant or witty to say, but nah (big nahhh), I'm gona just dive straight into this shit, head first.

Like I was previously stating in my last Nor Chore Post... as I awoke on the north Shore of Oahu, I found myself amidst a lucious environment with everything a surfer could ever dream of (ie babes, beaches, and backdoor barrells). It was like heaven on earth... 
and then the rain came down...

My second morning on the North Shore, I awoke to a storm raining like cats and dogs which surely did not let up at all that day. The final day of the Pipe contest was called off and so I stayed inside and got some work done. However, my third day on The Rock, I awoke once again to rain, but this time they decided to run the comp. I hopped on my bike, cruised by the Sunset house, and met the team over at our trailer right at Ehukai Beach park, the forefront of the Banzai Pipeline.

As I walked down the beach to check out the waves at Pipe, I felt a cool off shore breeze grae my neck as I opened my eyes to a sight I've only once seen in my dreams... utter and pure perfection! But this was definitely not no normal perfection, it was perfection at it's finest; aka perfection on meth! In person, Pipe was the gnarliest wave I have ever witnessed first hand. Guys were out practicing for the final day, and just straight up dropping into death bombs that made Big Rock look like Perez Hilton wearing a pink mumu and sipping an orange Mocha frappacino on a Sunday afternoon on Santa Monica Blvd! 
I couldn't believe my eyes (and aparently other parts of me couldn't either, I was definitely a little excited at such an amazing site, yeeeaaa about thatttttt). Pipeline truly is the proving ground mecca for all surfers around the World. Pipe as I knew it was the real deal!  Pipe was the most perfect beauty I had ever laid eyes on and on that final day of the Pipeline Masters contest something special happened... the stars aligned, my prayers were answered by Poseidon, and the water turned into chocolate! Now that's what I call the icing on the cake! Due to the recent pouring rain, all of the run off went straight into the ocean and needless to say, the waves at Pipe became a day filled with Chocolate Barrells!
A few moments later, with the blink of an eye, the contest was on and the waves were gangbusters! As I went through my day working the contest and lending a helping hand every which way.  Luckily, I managed to squeze a few quick snap shots and broll video footage during the event. Unfortunately, I did not have the time nor the proper equipment to film any surfing that went down (looks like you're just gona have to wait for the TV show).  What lies bellow is the few pictures and video clips I was lucky enough to take during the event, along with some radical pictures provided by the legendary Sir Snarf McMeowskers. I've been slaving away in my downtown cave editing this piece for your enjoyment so love it or hate it, I did it all for the nookie (so you cna take that cookie and...). Without further adiue, I am proud to bring you the world premiere of Surf Ambassador Hendo's first ever video appearance as I bring you my final day at the 2008 Pipeline Masters. Wish I ahd someone to introduce me, but umm (this is weird) Hendo, take it away:

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