Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Aussie Posse


Not only do the Aussies have the upper hand on Cali as far as quality waves go (D-Bah, Superbank, King Island, Yallingup, The Box...) I think most of them have also got us beat in the comedy department as well(not to mention partying).
Australia is like California on meth... everything we do, they do a lil better, wilder, and funnier. Don't get me wrong, I love Cali, always have and always will, but fack mate, look at some of this hilarious shit and gnarly shit that is coming out of Oz right now (find me funnier or gnarlier Cali shit and I will ride a Moray sponge with APE gloves and a squid lid for a week!):

-The ever so classic and legendary tale of Cory Worthington:

-The Bra Boys:

-Summer Heights High:

Last but not least, this fucking spider email guy! (READ THE WHOLE THING! Sooo hilarious!):

Aussie Shralpers of honorable mention:
Taj "What, no blowies?" Burrow, Joel Parkinson, Mick "Eugene" Fanning, Dion Agius, Dean "Dingo" Morrison, Mitch Coleborn, Wayne "Rabbit" Bartholomew, Jay "Bottle" Thompson, Steds, Ry Craike, Muns, Eags, Mick "Keg on legs" Lowe, and never to forget Mark "It's a misty morning!" Occhilupo.

I will most likely be moving to OZ within a year or 2, see you there.
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