Monday, November 10, 2008

Hangin With Da Gudauskas Bros

Yo, pardon the delay on the posts, but the ambassador has been busy as a naked mole rat lately!

Anyway, here's a quick post about my encounter with the Guauskas brothers the other day with my work. Super chill cats who shralp the shit outa anywhere they go!
Sit tight for now, cause there is plenty more freakishly glorious content on its way!
The Gudauskas Bros

Load up the board bags, pack your trunks, and hop on the plane, it's time to get dialed in for the North Shore season again! Everyone at my work has been amping to get out to Hawaii and begin documenting the radness of the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing and it just so happens that we picked up some uber shredders along the way. The other day, we stopped by San Clemente and met up with the Gudauskas brothers as they prepared for their epic voyage out to Hawaii. Upon reaching the Gudauskas' pimp pad, we were greeted by the fully stoked faces of Tanner, Dane, and Patrick just as they were loading their 30 boards into their truck headed straight for LAX. As of lately, Cali has had some decent waves, but the boys were more than ready to leave their wetsuits behind and venture out to shralp in the tropical land full of sick pits and frothy faces. As we barged up to LAX, the Gudauskas bros gave us some incredible insight about their experiences, predictions, hopes, and thoughts about everything that is the Triple Crown. With the the classic entertainment of the Gudauskas Trestles Trio, the Triple Crown TV show is already off to an amazing start and will definitely be something you won't want to miss!

Stay tuned for more updates involving: a naked man running through Panama, a boat filled with shneeks, chocolate barrells, my freakish toe, a super fun Wind An Sea swell, the Spring Street Shralper's double mission, and much much more!

Keep the faith, and always be shralping!

Shout out to Cam Cam C-Train aka El Chingon De Mierda!
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