Monday, October 6, 2008

Surf Check: Dis Last Weekend

Westside Wesell is that you?

Surprisingly the waves were kinda fun this weekend. Surfed wit da boyz on Saturday out at El Ports and every now and then there'd be a racy little chest high bump that you could shralp to the inside to get a nice lil float tweak or off the lip on. Sunday was pretty fun as the jetty up north had a bit more form than the close out bombs that you could pull in Briley style if you so desired (I know I did, I am super obsessed with close out barrels now). But ya, all and all pretty fun weekend and all o' da boyz were straight up shralping fools left and right. Can't complain, can't complain one bit there Roger (<---- wtf?).
Anyways, today was still pretty fun and occasionally there'd be a freak set that you could race for a second, pull into, dream that you were actually getting pitted in Indo, and get thrown to the sea floor and get some nice rug burn on your ass!
All and all it was a good weekend for surfing and an even better one for float tweaks, but that's another story. I'm heading out again tomorrow and who knows what kind of air reverse awaits me. All I know is that if I keep up this streak of surfing everyday for the next month I'm either A) gona turn into a lobster faced quazi-moto or B) become the shralp dawg that I was meant to be and straight up lemon fools left and right. I reckon I ought to try and beat that old dude's record for surfing everyday. Show me da money and we're on brosifs!
Anyways fools, see yous in the waters

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