Thursday, October 23, 2008

Re: Kook Kuestion of The Weak #0001

Howdy folks,
I have just been getting bombarded by responses regarding the first eva Kook Kuestion of The Weak! (If bombarded means 1 response!). And so I thought I'd post the first response. The first response comes from a fellow named Manyellis (and quite the legend he is).
In regards to my question asking:
Is it a good or bad idea to put super glue over your cut to seal it before you go in the water?
Manyellis writes:

--super glue on the cut is the best trick was shown to me by a doctor who surfs and I use it all the time. Basically it works with any cut you get even if you don´t want to surf.
Love the blog! Keep up the good work!--

Thanks for the response and the kind words Manyellis! You just won yourself a free pair of Webbed Surfing Gloves made by APE!
if you guys couldn't tell already, I've made some new features available on the site. Now you can add frothy comments or bash on blogs that you think I bonked it on. Also, there's a few buttons that you can press that let me know whether you though it was interesting, funny, cool, or if I just straight up kooked it on some posts. Feedback is progress, progress is bling, bling is biotches, biotches is reality, reality is life, life is the dream. Let me know where I stand so I can get off your feet.
Thanks for listening

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