Monday, October 20, 2008

How To Do Frontside Reverses with The Reverse King Himself

How To Do Frontside Reverses with The Reverse King Himself

Good evening ladies and gentlemen,
Today you are in for a special treat (no, Mervin's has not gotten in their limited edition Blue Crush shants yet, still waiting!). Today I'd like to welcome to the stage a Mr. Bradley Margol, better known to the public as "The Reverse King". The first time I shralped with The Reverse King himself, I was taken aback by a tail waft tornado of tumultuous turmoil that sprayed everyone all the way from sands to the Nile. As time passed and we shralped the fecal shores of beer littered sands and peskies, it soon became known that The Reverse King could land reverses on the drop of a dime with a consistency like that of Larry Bird.
The reverse maneuver first started seeing it's stardom in Kelly Slater's: Kelly Slater- Black and White, in an ironic section entitled "reverse". As a grom, seeing Slates bust both frontside and backside reverses made me think that there must have been some sort of toilet bowl under the lip he smacked that somehow made him spin in that most elegant cycle. Boy was I wrong! As time progressed and high performance surfing started getting weirder and weirder, the reverse made it's fashionable comeback in the late 90's and groms everywhere were frothing at the mouth to try and land one of these things. Luckily, on our side today, we have the expertise of The Reverse King to help us better understand how to execute these tricks and on the other hand we have the medical brilliance of BENGAY to ease our groin after many failed attempts!

Without any further adue, Reverse King take it away:

Hey so heres my attempt at explaining frontside reverses.
1) Look for a steep section when approaching the lip and and aim all of your momentum at your desired section.
2) As you approach the section, begin the turn like you are going for a normal off the top, but as your board begins to turn back down the face, shift the majority of your weight to your front foot and try to slightly bury the nose of the board into the wave (I find grabbing the rail drastically improves your balance and stability through the move).

3) As your nose rail gets buried into the wave (and most of the weight is still under your front foot), your tail will start to release. Once your tail begins to slide, make sure your shoulder follws through the turn, thus continuing the momentum through a full 360 maneuver.

4) From there, slowly adjust your weight back to your back foot and stay centered on the board (Once again, grabbing the rail makes this much easier). Then, the fins will catch again, helping you to complete the full rotation. Then it is a just a matter of balance and staying centered on the board.

haha there you go man..hope that helps. Peace

Thank you Reverse King, all Hail! Well that's about it for tonight folks, stay tuned for the next post of weirdness, mayhem, and straight up shralpness!
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