Friday, October 17, 2008

Kook Kuestion of The Weak #0001

Kook Kuestion of The Weak [sp]

I thought I would add an additional feature to this page and add a section entitled: "Dumbass Question of The Weak" (it's a double play on words if you are smart enough to phi-gure it out).

Anyways, it goes something like this. Sometimes I get these random questions out of nowhere that may seem common sense to some but perplexing to others (like me). So I figure why not try and get some of you involved with solving some of these dumbass questions that constantly plague my head (or may be yours). So for this initial post I will ask the question but from time to time I will be posting user submitted questions sent to me via email (

So here goes,
My Dumbass Question of The Weak is as follows:

Is it a good or bad idea to put super glue over your cut to seal it before you go in the water?

The reason I ask is cause I was surfing El Ports on Monday and was doing a little backside carve but decided I wasn't that into the carve mid-turn so my body pulled off but my back foot stayed on. As my back foot stayed on, the lip crashed on my foot and tweaked my ankle downward and it began to hurt like a Siamese ninja taking a turd on a Tuesday . I shook it off and tried to keep surfing but it still hurt like a biotch so I decided to go in and lo and behold I got outa da water to a slightly bloody red foot (was thinking "grrrreaaattt").

I wanted to surf really bad today since I kinda got out of my surfing routine and hadn't surfed for 3 days. As I was suiting up, something jumped in my mind that I remember hearing someone once say that they put super glue on their cut to seal it, so I figured why not and lathered that shit on there like gravy on a thanksgivin turks.I'm not sure if that was a good idea or not cause on the one hand my foot doesn't feel any better but on the other I still got to shralp (thus my mantra ASNMW = Always Shralp No Matter What).

I dunno, you tell me, was that a dumbass thing to do?
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