Thursday, October 2, 2008

10/02/08 Surf Report: El Porto

I surfed this morning at El Porto at the break of dawn up until I had to charge over to work at 8:40 so unfortunately I wasn't able to snap some photos. Guess you're just gona have to take my word for it that there were actually some wave-a-leenz today.

When I first paddled out and snagged a few fun ones, it was about 3 ft, fast, little lines, with a section at the end. After waiting for a bomb for about 20 minutes, I finally satisfied my appetite and got a nice little barrell (I know, I know, "CLAIMER!"). In fact, it was probably the first barrell I've squeezed out of in months (fuacccck!).

Anyways, true to El Porto form it was definitely closing out but every now and then you could manage to get an in-betweener that you could snag a snap or float from.
Overall, today was just fun to get out there and pull into some close out barrells just for the hell of it. It was definitely the biggest I've surfed El Porto in weeks with bomb sets reaching about chest high (if you were lucky). But again, that ain't sayin much...

Anyways, hit me up this weekend if you wana rally outa the city of Angels and shralp some real waves with me and my Spring St. Shralpers (holla to apt 10-B wuzzzz up?)

Froth you later
Surf Ambassador Hendo

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Shout out to da homie "Lil Rot" aka Ian Rotgans shralping this shit! yea rot!
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