Wednesday, October 1, 2008

10/01/08 Surf Check; El Porto

Man, I don't mean to hate so much on here about the waves at El Porto because I definitely have had some fun sessions out here before, but the one thing that always gets to me about this wave is how crowded it gets for how shitty it is. But that's just the way surfing has gotten pretty much everywhere; overpopulated. Oh well, beggers can't be choosers. When in Rome. Anyways that's another story (water under the bridge mate)...

Today actually looked kinda fun with the occasional waist to chest high set with glassy somewhat closed out corners. There were definitely a few corners out there that were indeed make-able but for the most part, the sets just didn't hold their form. Nonetheless it looked like a nice day to get out and shralp around. Witnesses say: "it was small, crowded, doubling up, cold, but there was an occasional fun one".
This section looked kinda fun that this guy snagged.
Here's a lil OTL (off the lip) this guy managed to shneek.
Crouching tiger hidden kook.
The crowd
Close out or ramp section?

FREAK SET OF THE DAY (pardon the shaky hands, still hungover from last night eh? eh? eh?)

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