Sunday, October 26, 2008


Yo mates,
after a nice shralp filled weekend back home with me mates in La Jolla, I reckon it's time to start getting some more shit up here cause there has been so much happening since we last spoke. I've got some great up and coming stories from some friends that just took an epic adventure in Central America filled with waves, women, and weirdness (that's an understatement). So stay tuned for that tale and other such weirdness coming your way.
For now, check out this Surfline clip of Andrew Mooney dropping into what could be considered the GNARLS BARX.EDU of gnarly wave surfing. Check out this Shipstern triple-up he somehow comes out of unscathed (mind blowing!):

Just paste this link into your browser and watch (try not to crap yourself though)

Hold on tight for some more mayhem headed straight at cha!

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Re: Kook Kuestion of The Weak #0001

Howdy folks,
I have just been getting bombarded by responses regarding the first eva Kook Kuestion of The Weak! (If bombarded means 1 response!). And so I thought I'd post the first response. The first response comes from a fellow named Manyellis (and quite the legend he is).
In regards to my question asking:
Is it a good or bad idea to put super glue over your cut to seal it before you go in the water?
Manyellis writes:

--super glue on the cut is the best trick was shown to me by a doctor who surfs and I use it all the time. Basically it works with any cut you get even if you don´t want to surf.
Love the blog! Keep up the good work!--

Thanks for the response and the kind words Manyellis! You just won yourself a free pair of Webbed Surfing Gloves made by APE!
if you guys couldn't tell already, I've made some new features available on the site. Now you can add frothy comments or bash on blogs that you think I bonked it on. Also, there's a few buttons that you can press that let me know whether you though it was interesting, funny, cool, or if I just straight up kooked it on some posts. Feedback is progress, progress is bling, bling is biotches, biotches is reality, reality is life, life is the dream. Let me know where I stand so I can get off your feet.
Thanks for listening

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Monday, October 20, 2008

How To Do Frontside Reverses with The Reverse King Himself

How To Do Frontside Reverses with The Reverse King Himself

Good evening ladies and gentlemen,
Today you are in for a special treat (no, Mervin's has not gotten in their limited edition Blue Crush shants yet, still waiting!). Today I'd like to welcome to the stage a Mr. Bradley Margol, better known to the public as "The Reverse King". The first time I shralped with The Reverse King himself, I was taken aback by a tail waft tornado of tumultuous turmoil that sprayed everyone all the way from sands to the Nile. As time passed and we shralped the fecal shores of beer littered sands and peskies, it soon became known that The Reverse King could land reverses on the drop of a dime with a consistency like that of Larry Bird.
The reverse maneuver first started seeing it's stardom in Kelly Slater's: Kelly Slater- Black and White, in an ironic section entitled "reverse". As a grom, seeing Slates bust both frontside and backside reverses made me think that there must have been some sort of toilet bowl under the lip he smacked that somehow made him spin in that most elegant cycle. Boy was I wrong! As time progressed and high performance surfing started getting weirder and weirder, the reverse made it's fashionable comeback in the late 90's and groms everywhere were frothing at the mouth to try and land one of these things. Luckily, on our side today, we have the expertise of The Reverse King to help us better understand how to execute these tricks and on the other hand we have the medical brilliance of BENGAY to ease our groin after many failed attempts!

Without any further adue, Reverse King take it away:

Hey so heres my attempt at explaining frontside reverses.
1) Look for a steep section when approaching the lip and and aim all of your momentum at your desired section.
2) As you approach the section, begin the turn like you are going for a normal off the top, but as your board begins to turn back down the face, shift the majority of your weight to your front foot and try to slightly bury the nose of the board into the wave (I find grabbing the rail drastically improves your balance and stability through the move).

3) As your nose rail gets buried into the wave (and most of the weight is still under your front foot), your tail will start to release. Once your tail begins to slide, make sure your shoulder follws through the turn, thus continuing the momentum through a full 360 maneuver.

4) From there, slowly adjust your weight back to your back foot and stay centered on the board (Once again, grabbing the rail makes this much easier). Then, the fins will catch again, helping you to complete the full rotation. Then it is a just a matter of balance and staying centered on the board.

haha there you go man..hope that helps. Peace

Thank you Reverse King, all Hail! Well that's about it for tonight folks, stay tuned for the next post of weirdness, mayhem, and straight up shralpness!
Froth it

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Kook Kuestion of The Weak #0001

Kook Kuestion of The Weak [sp]

I thought I would add an additional feature to this page and add a section entitled: "Dumbass Question of The Weak" (it's a double play on words if you are smart enough to phi-gure it out).

Anyways, it goes something like this. Sometimes I get these random questions out of nowhere that may seem common sense to some but perplexing to others (like me). So I figure why not try and get some of you involved with solving some of these dumbass questions that constantly plague my head (or may be yours). So for this initial post I will ask the question but from time to time I will be posting user submitted questions sent to me via email (

So here goes,
My Dumbass Question of The Weak is as follows:

Is it a good or bad idea to put super glue over your cut to seal it before you go in the water?

The reason I ask is cause I was surfing El Ports on Monday and was doing a little backside carve but decided I wasn't that into the carve mid-turn so my body pulled off but my back foot stayed on. As my back foot stayed on, the lip crashed on my foot and tweaked my ankle downward and it began to hurt like a Siamese ninja taking a turd on a Tuesday . I shook it off and tried to keep surfing but it still hurt like a biotch so I decided to go in and lo and behold I got outa da water to a slightly bloody red foot (was thinking "grrrreaaattt").

I wanted to surf really bad today since I kinda got out of my surfing routine and hadn't surfed for 3 days. As I was suiting up, something jumped in my mind that I remember hearing someone once say that they put super glue on their cut to seal it, so I figured why not and lathered that shit on there like gravy on a thanksgivin turks.I'm not sure if that was a good idea or not cause on the one hand my foot doesn't feel any better but on the other I still got to shralp (thus my mantra ASNMW = Always Shralp No Matter What).

I dunno, you tell me, was that a dumbass thing to do?
all replies sent to:
or just comment on this post
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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Yo Fools,
so I've been supa busy with tons of shit and haven't been able to keep posted on the surf world as much as usual. Howeva, I still wana keep my masses entertained and on their feet. So for now, check out my latest list of some classic songs that I'm rockin in my iPod to pump me up for some classic air sessions at the shit spots around here.
Surf Ambassador hINDIE's Playlist:
"Escape the nest" by the Editors
"Tesselate" by Tokyo Police Club
"One For The Cutters" by The Hold Steady
"Electric Feel" by MGMT
"Beyond the Waves" by Years Around The Sun
"Lights and Music" by Cut Copy
"Ooh La" by The Kooks
"Laughing All The Way To The Plank" by Elle Milano
"Walking On A Dream" by Empire of The Sun
"Can't Go Back" by Primal Scream
"Backass" by Karen O
"And I Was A Boy From School" by Hot Chip
"Ships and Clouds" by Jim Noir"
"Death" by White Lies
"Sex On Fire" by Kings of Leon
and of course "Rebellion (Lies)" by Arcade Fire (Ultimate Classic!)
Download those things fool!
One of those songs is definitely a part of the top ten best songs ever used in a surf video. $5 to the first person who can name it!
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Thursday, October 9, 2008

How To: Snarf Kooks Out Da' Water With Special Guest Snarf McMeowskers

How To: Snarf Kooks Out Da' Water 

Ladies and Gentleman,
it is with much warmth, pleasure, and happiness that I welcome my first ever guest speaker to the podium. Today we are going to be hearing from a fellow who goes by the name of "Snarf McMeowskers"; and let me say he's quite the jolly good fellow indeed. You may know sir Snarf McMeowskers from such films and TV shows as "Dancing With The Stars; It Takes 2 To Tango", "Where'd My Baunch Go?", and "Sir, You Are Snarfing On My Foot!". Without further adue, please welcome my first guest as he explains his first Part of a 2 part series on: "How To Snarf Kooks Out Da' Water". (Disclaimer: the thoughts and views written below are those of a sir Snarf McMeowskers. Surf Ambassador Hendo takes no responsibility for lewd or offensive remarks or when you crap yourself after reading this). Take it away Snarf:

Snarfing Kooks Out Da’ Water
By “Snarf” McMeowskers

Every tribe has it’s battle cry… Muslims say "Allahu Akbar", US Marines shout “Ooh-rah”, Xena Warrior Princess yells “Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi”& even Da Hui has one. Now, after reviewing this list, you will notice that they all have one thing in common. If you hear any of their battle cries you immediately know two things: who they are and to not get in their way. Ignoring these battle cries will yield you but two grisly results you want nothing to do with. Either get blown to bits or have your pathetic shaft and dingle berries handed to you on a silver saw toothed frisbee by the only woman who managed to make Chyna bleed more than she menstruated during her 97’ WWF debut with Triple H (my sources at TMZ say that she was pumping out close to 2 liters in those days; read no tampons, just down pillows for this beefcake).

So what does this have to do with you? Well, if you shralp as hard as I do or consider yourself nothing less than a surfer you wouldn’t be asking that question. It’s time that all of the uninitiated comprehend what all the barnyard noises in my precious lineup are about so you don’t end up like Chyna. So please, take heed you ninnies as your about to get a lesson in Snarfing 101.
“Snarf” is a word that I’ve adopted from the glorious 80’s non-fictional television series known as “Thundercats”. “Snarf” was the name of the biggest pussy (and smallest cat) in the “Thundercats” crew… However, should you hear “Snarf” pipe up and “Snarf” his ass off you can be sure that Lionel, supreme leader of the “Thundercats” who wore nothing but a pair of titanium speedos and bore a 6 foot electric sword, would be there in two shakes of a lambs tale to square off. Having said this, it is obvious that with this word comes a great responsibilty.

“Snarf” is a simple word with a complex subtext. It is my battle cry, my mating call and my faux paux. Just as it’s distinguished past, it deserves as much love and respect as you give your little tube steak. It can be a warning, a threat or promise and can be used on the streets, in the disco, or in the lineup. However, there is an etiquette involved and a few do's and don’ts that will maximize both the intent and desired effect of your prospective “Snarf”.


Stay tuned for the next episode when Snarf actually breaks down the dynamics and shows us How To do this so called "Snarf" move.  I know I can't wait... can you?
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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Slater's World Title Winning Heat

Yooooo Fools
I've been super busy lately working on ideas and working with people on ideas about ideas of ideas. So needless to say the ideas are flowin and there's gona be some sick shit blowin this site up soon. But for now, hold tight and take a quick peek at Slater's World Title winning heat brought to you by
Enjoy and stay posted for some pure madness heading your way...
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Monday, October 6, 2008

Surf Check: Dis Last Weekend

Westside Wesell is that you?

Surprisingly the waves were kinda fun this weekend. Surfed wit da boyz on Saturday out at El Ports and every now and then there'd be a racy little chest high bump that you could shralp to the inside to get a nice lil float tweak or off the lip on. Sunday was pretty fun as the jetty up north had a bit more form than the close out bombs that you could pull in Briley style if you so desired (I know I did, I am super obsessed with close out barrels now). But ya, all and all pretty fun weekend and all o' da boyz were straight up shralping fools left and right. Can't complain, can't complain one bit there Roger (<---- wtf?).
Anyways, today was still pretty fun and occasionally there'd be a freak set that you could race for a second, pull into, dream that you were actually getting pitted in Indo, and get thrown to the sea floor and get some nice rug burn on your ass!
All and all it was a good weekend for surfing and an even better one for float tweaks, but that's another story. I'm heading out again tomorrow and who knows what kind of air reverse awaits me. All I know is that if I keep up this streak of surfing everyday for the next month I'm either A) gona turn into a lobster faced quazi-moto or B) become the shralp dawg that I was meant to be and straight up lemon fools left and right. I reckon I ought to try and beat that old dude's record for surfing everyday. Show me da money and we're on brosifs!
Anyways fools, see yous in the waters

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I Will Buy You The World...

I Will Buy You The World...
If you can find me this secret spot that CJ, Damo, and Noodles (Websta) shralp the shit outa in Globe's Secret Machine (which by the way is one of the sickest surf films to date if you haven't seen it already). This secret spot is pretty much the pinnacle of every goofyfooter's dream wave. Perfect pealing little shacks with a perfect launch section at the end. Could be a bit bigger but beggars can't be choosers eh? Anyways..check this little slice of heaven out and try not to crap yourself:

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Friday, October 3, 2008


Numba 9!
Check this vid for now until I post a more detailed descripsh later.

p.s. El Port was kinda fun today. There's definitely some swell in the water still! Just don't let the wind hit it or you'll be shit out of luck's creek with no oar (or whatever that saying is, whatevaaaa)
Have a good weekend
check back later for more updates
Surf AmbASS Hendoneeeej

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

10/02/08 Surf Report: El Porto

I surfed this morning at El Porto at the break of dawn up until I had to charge over to work at 8:40 so unfortunately I wasn't able to snap some photos. Guess you're just gona have to take my word for it that there were actually some wave-a-leenz today.

When I first paddled out and snagged a few fun ones, it was about 3 ft, fast, little lines, with a section at the end. After waiting for a bomb for about 20 minutes, I finally satisfied my appetite and got a nice little barrell (I know, I know, "CLAIMER!"). In fact, it was probably the first barrell I've squeezed out of in months (fuacccck!).

Anyways, true to El Porto form it was definitely closing out but every now and then you could manage to get an in-betweener that you could snag a snap or float from.
Overall, today was just fun to get out there and pull into some close out barrells just for the hell of it. It was definitely the biggest I've surfed El Porto in weeks with bomb sets reaching about chest high (if you were lucky). But again, that ain't sayin much...

Anyways, hit me up this weekend if you wana rally outa the city of Angels and shralp some real waves with me and my Spring St. Shralpers (holla to apt 10-B wuzzzz up?)

Froth you later
Surf Ambassador Hendo

p.s. do you have a shout out or wana holla at someone? email me with shout-outs, hollas, questions, or concerns at

Shout out to da homie "Lil Rot" aka Ian Rotgans shralping this shit! yea rot!
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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

10/01/08 Surf Check; El Porto

Man, I don't mean to hate so much on here about the waves at El Porto because I definitely have had some fun sessions out here before, but the one thing that always gets to me about this wave is how crowded it gets for how shitty it is. But that's just the way surfing has gotten pretty much everywhere; overpopulated. Oh well, beggers can't be choosers. When in Rome. Anyways that's another story (water under the bridge mate)...

Today actually looked kinda fun with the occasional waist to chest high set with glassy somewhat closed out corners. There were definitely a few corners out there that were indeed make-able but for the most part, the sets just didn't hold their form. Nonetheless it looked like a nice day to get out and shralp around. Witnesses say: "it was small, crowded, doubling up, cold, but there was an occasional fun one".
This section looked kinda fun that this guy snagged.
Here's a lil OTL (off the lip) this guy managed to shneek.
Crouching tiger hidden kook.
The crowd
Close out or ramp section?

FREAK SET OF THE DAY (pardon the shaky hands, still hungover from last night eh? eh? eh?)

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