Monday, September 29, 2008

How to do floater 360's

How to do floater 360's with Surf Ambassador Hendo.

I will be posting some pictures of me frothing a floater 360 just as soon as my publicist sends me those darn photos! So just read this shiz for now and froth on it later fool.

With high performance surfing currently in a state we've all never seen before, it is extremely easy to get lost in the mix of all the new mind blowing flips, spins, and straight up craziness. Much like myself, if you've been witnessing the new wave craziness, you are more than likely starring with awe and trying not to drool as guys like Dane, Jordy, Julian, and Yadin bust Kerri Strug style acrobatics in their sleep! But fear no more my fine frothy friends, little buddy Hendo is here to help (or at least try).
From years of surfing and yearning to shred like a pro, I've somehow come to notice a thing or two. Firstly, Hendo says you can't always get want you want, so start with the basics. If you want to start busting rodeo flips tomorrow, you have to start learning about weight distribution and how to spin in the first place today. Improving your surfing is all about pushing the limits but also knowing how to get there.

The three sixty floater, although a bit outdated, is still a great training-wheel trick to have in your awesome arsenal (plus the chicks love 'em). They are exceptionally good for fast sections that are about to close-out on you and sections that you don't have enough time or speed to punt or slash. The main focus with the three sixty floater is your head, your arms, and your torso everything else will follow (style sold separately).

First, you want to approach the lip like a normal frontside floater and begin to slide for just a quick second or two as you get on top of the wave. As you feel the drift of your floater moving you forward, now is the time to start thinking about changing your momentum and fully committing to a three sixty landing. After your slight drift when you feel the lip starting to bring you down, begin to look over your back shoulder and throw your upper torso (shoulders/arms) down towards your back foot. Meanwhile, you are going to want to let your fins slide more freely by putting more weight on your front foot. As you shift most of your weight to your front foot and start to come down backwards with the lip and whitewater, keep your knees bent as you land to take in the impact of the drop. Once you have come down backwards with the lip, you immediately want to shift your weight more towards your back foot to bring your fins around to the position they most enjoy going (straight). Shift your weight to your back foot, bring around your nose, and ride it in to the beautiful blonde bombshell waiting for you with Zima in hand!

Although air reverses are now the standard bar for even considering a sponsorship, the three sixty floater will help you develop the action of spinning on your board and the dynamics of weight distribution that is so crucial to these types of moves. Think of it as your first stepping stone on a long journey filled with years of sweat, blood, and tear covered elmo sheets (I swear those weren't mine!).

Froth it Homies
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