Thursday, September 25, 2008

The 2008 Boost Mobile Pro

The 2008 Boost Mobile Pro
By Surf Ambassador Hendo

With the best pros on the WCT firing up, and a swell model on the horizon looking more than pretty, it was inevitable that the 2008 Boost Mobile Pro was going to make for a phenomenal show!

The top 44 were ripping nearly perfect head high Lowers, and it was close to impossible to turn your back away from the excitement in the ocean. This year's event was put on by the awesome guys over at Boost Mobile and Hurley, which made for quite the all-star line up of Wild Cards and internet commentators. A few of the Wild Cards who pushed through the rounds included Cali locals Brett Simpson, Shane Beschen, Rob Machado, and Australian up-and-comer Yadin Nicol. Although the Wild Cards put up a great and strong fight, it was the WCT pros at the top of the list who once again persevered.

After four grueling rounds, a quarter final and a semi final, the Boost Mobile Pro eventually produced one of the best finals yet. Superstar surf legends Kelly Slater and Taj Burrow suited up, waxed their shred sleds, and hopped into the forty minute final. Within minutes Taj got up on his first wave and just completely demolished the face off of a beautiful trestles right, ending with a classic air reverse. Minutes pass and true to form Taj's flare, style, and flawless maneuverability earned him an 18.6 for his two best waves. This put Slater into quite the combo position, and as we all know Slates hates to be comboed. Sure enough. Slater gracefully snagged a sick one and raced down the line throwing his tail every direction to earn him a 9.7. But still, that wasn't enough. Minutes go by and as the people in and out of the water grew tense, the final was coming to a near and Slater still needed more than a 9 to get him a Victory. Then it happened... With just minutes on the clock, a nice lined up right rolled through and Slates capitalized on his last chance. Throwing down two mind-blowing Slater carves, a carving three sixty and some more stylish power gashes, Slater phenomenally blasted his way into earning a 9.27 to take the lead. The crowd went wild as the eight time World Champ pulled a couple rabbits out of his hat and clenched hist fifth victory of the year. With this win, Kelly drastically increased his chances of winning his ninth World Title and also earned himself the biggest first place prize money ever in the history of surfing ($75,000 to be exact, but who's counting right?) .

With classic rippable lowers, the best high performance surfing the World has to offer, and a crowd eager to watch all of the excitement, the Boost Mobile Pro was quite the epic contest. And at the end of the day everybody left with smiles on their faces and money in their wallets; even though the entertainment of this remarkable event was truly priceless!

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