Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I'm feeling a little fin-icky...
With the introduction of the tri-fin surfboard sometime in the eighties, it was obvious that constant and rapid changes were occurring in the evolution of surfboards and the way we ride waves. Several years later, more fascinating breakthrough technology was on the rise and a new fin system took the market by storm. The FCS fin system brought with it the first interchangeable fin system. Now not only was traveling twice as easy, but surfers could try out different fins to cater to their style of surfing and the conditions of the ocean. Today, a brand new online fin company is here to change the face of surfboard business and progression as we know it.
A website entitled thesurfboardwarehouse.com has a new fin testing program called Finatic. Finatic is a blend of a genius business strategy and a brilliant fin program that takes surfing experimentation to the next level. Similar to the online DVD phenomenon Netflix, Finatic is an online fin store that lets you rent any set of FCS or Future fin you like for however long you desire. Finatic describes that their online store contains "virtually every set of fins that FCS and Future Fins have to offer. (Twin, Thruster, Quad and Longboard)". With a monthly membership fee costing only $19.99, the online Fin testing program seems like quite the deal. All you have to do is sign up online, choose the top 3 set of fins you'd like to rent, surf on them till you want to try a new set, mail your old ones in, and wait a day or two for your new set. The possibilities of taking your surfing to the next level are now fully unlimited!
I know I'm going to give the site a try and test out those Future's I've been eyeing for quite some time now. Who knows, may be they are the missing element to why I can't land those garsh darn no handed double backflip 720's?

Finatic can be found HERE

Stay posted within the next couple of days cause I just made a discovery that is twice as cheap and twice as exciting as Finatic, but I can't tell you about it yet because I have-FIN't posted it .
until next time, froth is homies!

p.s. Shout out to Meigmort! I saw you shaving your bangs behind the dumpster of Los Gross last weekend and thought you might like some lobsta juice to see your own reflection and how rad you look. I left your gift behind Dick's Liquor.

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Monday, September 29, 2008

How to do floater 360's

How to do floater 360's with Surf Ambassador Hendo.

I will be posting some pictures of me frothing a floater 360 just as soon as my publicist sends me those darn photos! So just read this shiz for now and froth on it later fool.

With high performance surfing currently in a state we've all never seen before, it is extremely easy to get lost in the mix of all the new mind blowing flips, spins, and straight up craziness. Much like myself, if you've been witnessing the new wave craziness, you are more than likely starring with awe and trying not to drool as guys like Dane, Jordy, Julian, and Yadin bust Kerri Strug style acrobatics in their sleep! But fear no more my fine frothy friends, little buddy Hendo is here to help (or at least try).
From years of surfing and yearning to shred like a pro, I've somehow come to notice a thing or two. Firstly, Hendo says you can't always get want you want, so start with the basics. If you want to start busting rodeo flips tomorrow, you have to start learning about weight distribution and how to spin in the first place today. Improving your surfing is all about pushing the limits but also knowing how to get there.

The three sixty floater, although a bit outdated, is still a great training-wheel trick to have in your awesome arsenal (plus the chicks love 'em). They are exceptionally good for fast sections that are about to close-out on you and sections that you don't have enough time or speed to punt or slash. The main focus with the three sixty floater is your head, your arms, and your torso everything else will follow (style sold separately).

First, you want to approach the lip like a normal frontside floater and begin to slide for just a quick second or two as you get on top of the wave. As you feel the drift of your floater moving you forward, now is the time to start thinking about changing your momentum and fully committing to a three sixty landing. After your slight drift when you feel the lip starting to bring you down, begin to look over your back shoulder and throw your upper torso (shoulders/arms) down towards your back foot. Meanwhile, you are going to want to let your fins slide more freely by putting more weight on your front foot. As you shift most of your weight to your front foot and start to come down backwards with the lip and whitewater, keep your knees bent as you land to take in the impact of the drop. Once you have come down backwards with the lip, you immediately want to shift your weight more towards your back foot to bring your fins around to the position they most enjoy going (straight). Shift your weight to your back foot, bring around your nose, and ride it in to the beautiful blonde bombshell waiting for you with Zima in hand!

Although air reverses are now the standard bar for even considering a sponsorship, the three sixty floater will help you develop the action of spinning on your board and the dynamics of weight distribution that is so crucial to these types of moves. Think of it as your first stepping stone on a long journey filled with years of sweat, blood, and tear covered elmo sheets (I swear those weren't mine!).

Froth it Homies
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Friday, September 26, 2008

09/26/08 Surf Report: El Kooko

Looks can be deceiving...

Yoooo, good morning shralpers!  It's Surf Ambassador Hendo here with the morning report.  I checked El Porto (aka El Kooko) this morning and to my surprise...it looked liked shit again!  Well, I guess I'm being a little picky, since I was spoiled in San Diego surfing real waves last weekend.  But compared to normal, there was actually a little knee to waist high bump out there with the occasional chest high freak set.  Every now and then it looked as though there was a workable corner that you could pump to the inside to try and punt, float tweak, or bust a floater 360 (if you're lucky).  Like this section that this barnacle blew:

Here's another section that actually looked like you could boost off of.  Too bad this guy just popped up and it closed out right as he stood up (I think it had something to do with his fruit boots). 

As you can see, there is a little bit of swell out there to try and surf and I'd most likely be frothing out there but I went ahead and stuck to my other priorities and did a couple surf reports for some other websites instead (sorry D-Schech, meet you out there next time brah).  Needless to say, this report was definitely the most lewd of them all (would you expect anything less?).  Anyways, hopefully it will be getting better this weekend so we can all practice our Kerr flips, float tweaks, and just straight up Lemon people out there!  

Five bucks to the first person to define "Lemoning" on here.  
Until next time, Shralp it!

Shout out to Hsojjjjjjjj, holla if u hear me fool!

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

The 2008 Boost Mobile Pro

The 2008 Boost Mobile Pro
By Surf Ambassador Hendo

With the best pros on the WCT firing up, and a swell model on the horizon looking more than pretty, it was inevitable that the 2008 Boost Mobile Pro was going to make for a phenomenal show!

The top 44 were ripping nearly perfect head high Lowers, and it was close to impossible to turn your back away from the excitement in the ocean. This year's event was put on by the awesome guys over at Boost Mobile and Hurley, which made for quite the all-star line up of Wild Cards and internet commentators. A few of the Wild Cards who pushed through the rounds included Cali locals Brett Simpson, Shane Beschen, Rob Machado, and Australian up-and-comer Yadin Nicol. Although the Wild Cards put up a great and strong fight, it was the WCT pros at the top of the list who once again persevered.

After four grueling rounds, a quarter final and a semi final, the Boost Mobile Pro eventually produced one of the best finals yet. Superstar surf legends Kelly Slater and Taj Burrow suited up, waxed their shred sleds, and hopped into the forty minute final. Within minutes Taj got up on his first wave and just completely demolished the face off of a beautiful trestles right, ending with a classic air reverse. Minutes pass and true to form Taj's flare, style, and flawless maneuverability earned him an 18.6 for his two best waves. This put Slater into quite the combo position, and as we all know Slates hates to be comboed. Sure enough. Slater gracefully snagged a sick one and raced down the line throwing his tail every direction to earn him a 9.7. But still, that wasn't enough. Minutes go by and as the people in and out of the water grew tense, the final was coming to a near and Slater still needed more than a 9 to get him a Victory. Then it happened... With just minutes on the clock, a nice lined up right rolled through and Slates capitalized on his last chance. Throwing down two mind-blowing Slater carves, a carving three sixty and some more stylish power gashes, Slater phenomenally blasted his way into earning a 9.27 to take the lead. The crowd went wild as the eight time World Champ pulled a couple rabbits out of his hat and clenched hist fifth victory of the year. With this win, Kelly drastically increased his chances of winning his ninth World Title and also earned himself the biggest first place prize money ever in the history of surfing ($75,000 to be exact, but who's counting right?) .

With classic rippable lowers, the best high performance surfing the World has to offer, and a crowd eager to watch all of the excitement, the Boost Mobile Pro was quite the epic contest. And at the end of the day everybody left with smiles on their faces and money in their wallets; even though the entertainment of this remarkable event was truly priceless!

photos from: http://www. boostmobilepro.com/photos.asp
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Thursday, September 11, 2008

*= FILM REVIEW =* Taylor Steele's Stranger Than Fiction

Stranger Than Fiction by Taylor Steele
Film Review by Surf Ambassador Hendo

If Taylor Steele's new surf flick Stranger Than Fiction were an alcoholic drink, there is no doubt in my mind that it would knock even the gnarliest irishmanright onto the floor! Take one part new-school surf stars, one part Momentum Generation legends, a dash of some highly talented up-and-comers, mixed with brilliant filmmaking, top it off with a soundtrack full of instant classics, and there you have it, pure euphoric brilliance! The long awaited trilogy to Taylor Steele's on going Campaign series has truly left its mark in the depths of surf films for years to come. Various components of this film make it a truly entertaining, inspiring, and revolutionary masterpiece.By far, the film's greatest quality is its star-studded cast filled with the sickest modern day rippers who completely shred and tare Poseidon's playground to utter shambles. With high performance surfing from guys like Taj Burrow, Bruce Irons, Dane Reynolds, Josh Kerr, Jordy Smith, Yadin Nicol, Dion Agius, and Julian Wilson, Stranger Than Fiction has got innovation in the bag. With some heavy monstrous waves from Ian Walsh, Shane Dorian, Damien Hobgood, and others, the film has got charging down. Add to this beautiful mix some all around solid surfers like Kalani Robb, Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson, and Benji Weatherly and it's clear to see that the film has pretty much got it all. The only thing it'smissing is Kelly Slater, and that's a big gap to fill. However, if anyone were to ever succeed in pulling off such a risky maneuver, Taylor Steele would be the only man the surf world could possibly even trust to do so.

Speaking of maneuvers...

After watching some of the epic tricks that these surfer freaks pull, you begin to wonder whether or not such things are even humanly possible. And so begins the irony of the film's tittle along with the classic Steele skits that are interwoven throughout the flick. The comical skit segments that drive the underlying narrative of the film are all based upon one common theme: everything that we've come to know and love in surfing has all been a box of green-screened lies. Such skits portray uber rippers like
Kalani Robb and Jordy Smith jumping on a trampoline in front of a green screen which will later superimpose them into some heavy pits and into the skies of some gnarly backflip airs. Like most surfers, after surfing for 15 years and still not being remotely close to pulling a rodeo, we get to thinking that may be the skits aren't that far off from the truth. May be the idols we have grown to worship and strive to emulate have all been strapped into puppet wires and honky harnesses all this time? After zooming in on my TV screen and inspecting the footage with a magnifying glass for several weeks, no wires were detected and such previous statements are truly blasphemous. However, the fact that these guys are doing rodeos, air reverses, Kerrupt flips, and 360 alley oops like nothing, almost makes me want to just drop my board next to my already thrice shattered dream of one day becoming pro. But for the logical surfer, I am confident that this video will make you want to get out there, shred like you never have before, and may be invent the next big trick that mig
ht just land you a clip in Taylor's next flick.
On top of the surfing and the skits, Stranger Than Fiction is highly driven by its radical soundtrack. Overtime as surfing has changed in the vids, so has its accompanied music. Long gone are the days filled with an all punk rock soundtrack that so pleasantly complimented the fast paced progressive surfing. No need to be nostalgic because the indie electronic beats that replace the old screech of distorted guitars and slamming symbols, are more than an adequate replacement. With bands like Cut Copy, MGMT, Justice, The Future Heads, and even a little ELO in there, the new musical pace is exceptionally welcome. This more than brilliant convergence of light and sound reaches a memorable peak as Jordy Smith so elegantly launches two back to back 360 no grab alley oops to start his astonishing video section. It is songs like these, mixed with tricks like those, that truly make
you wish you were a surfer like them. Before I drive you in any more circles of confusion, I think I ought to conclude while I'm ahead.
All and all Taylor Steele's Stranger Than Fiction is truly history in the making. With some of the most insane progressive surfing ever to be captured on film, Poor Specimen really nailed it with this one. The surfing alone could easily stand by itself as the true backbone of the film. Added to that shear brilliance are the elements of the soundtrack, the editing, and truly talented film making that ideally tie everything together. See for yourself the stunning pro-formances that your eyes will hardly believe. After doing so, you might want to ask yourself: 'has surfing become stranger than fiction? or is there some kind of magical fountain of youth that has given these guys supernatural surfing powers?' Whatever it may be, one thing is clear, the new wave is here so either hop aboard the insane train or get left in the colossal spray of these mega rippers!
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