Saturday, May 24, 2008

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This is Surf Ambassador Hendo aka the Neej aka Do aka Hendo aka what ever the hell have you! Somehow, I am here today coming to you live and straight up from the filthy streets of Los Angeles! Welcome to the Surf Ambassador Hendo blog, a "blog" site (what ever that means?) dedicated to keeping you updated, motivated, and in the know-tivated with everything in and out of the water. Whether it's the latest results from a frothing CT contest, an in-depth analysis of a pro's style and surfing career, a surf flick review, or the top model your favorite pro is currently boning, we've got it all right here for ya! To sum up the words of a wise wasted Isla Vista bum: "Fuck school! All we do is surf!"

Anyways, before I get too carried away and this thing gets started, I thought I'd introduce myself to those of you who haven't yet had the pleasure. I've been living in Cali ever since I was a wee-sized grommet and first learned to surf when I was ten years of age. Ever since that first wave I surfed that took me all the way into the shore, I've been hooked on surfing like Count Chocula was hooked on midget porn, but that's another story. Not to be so self-indulgent, but a review of my surfing credentials seems like a must.

Ever since that first ride, I dedicated the next decade or so to pursuing my surfing life and progressing my skills, passion, and knowledge to the utmost obtainable pinnacle. Little did I know, that while doing so, the journey filled with people, places, and emotional states that surfing took me on would soon mold my life and truly make me the person I am today. Needless to say, I owe a lot to surfing and I have made it a point to pursue a life of giving back to it as much, if not more, than it has already generously given me.

Speaking of the people, places, and emotional states that surfing has taken me on, let's talk a bit about my travels. Like I said earlier, once I got hooked on surfing, there was no stopping me. I was in full throttle. As a grom, I began seeing a bit of progression in my shortboarding skills and I eventually became more than comfortable in what would soon become my new second home; the ocean. From the shores and reefs of La Jolla, to the beach breaks and jettis of Pacific, Mission, and Ocean Beach, I began to familiarize myself with the phenomenal breaks that San Diego has to offer, but that wasn't enough. I wanted something more.

Look familiar?

Eventually, after a few years of competing and getting sponsored by a local surf shop ("check me out I'm sponsored" yeah!), my surfing skills had reached the point where I was finally comfortable enough to expand and explore my surfing internationally. So one day I packed my bags, threw out my fruit boots and squid lid, bought some zinc, a kook cord, and a white rash guard and headed straight for Costa Rica. My brother Andrew, my buddy Nick, and I had all seen surf videos of Costa before but nothing could ever compare to the treasures and pleasures that awaited us on our journey! Scoring epic offshore Witch's Rock, super fun and rippable Ollie's Point, and a firing deserted right that boat driver Willy liked to call "Barita's"; was just the beginning of our fantasy tour. Surfing those foreign waves and discovering a whole new world of surf adventures, opened my eyes as well as my mind for ages to come. Since then I have gone on several surf trips including: Mexico, Hawaii, all of Cali (even Chino), Baja, and even the dreamland of Tavarua, Fiji. Surely I will tell the tales of my Tavarua dream trip on another post, for I could go on for centuries talking about that litle slice of heaven. But I digress...

As time passed and I got older and other things began to take up more time in my life, I unfortunately realized the sad truth that my grom dream of one day becoming a professional surfer had slowly trickled away like a pebble floating down a stream. Although my dream of turning pro faded away, nothing in the entire world (not even a tall boy of Natti Ice) could ever fade my dedication, love, and passion for the art of surfing. During college I surfed everywhere from the frigid and less crowded waters of Santa Cruz to the hectic pumping rights of Rincon and Santa Barbara county. I eventually (somehow) graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Film and Media Studies and moved to the finer city of filth better known as Los Angeles. I now work at an action sports production company that shoots and edits all kinds of surfing, skating, and snowboarding events for film and TV. So needless to say, I have been and still am very involved with various aspects of surfing and other action sports.

Quick Surf Ambassador Hendo surf specs:
Years surfing: 14
Favorite surfers: Wardo, Kalani Robb, Dane Reynolds
Favorite break ever surfed: Cloudbreak
Favorite local break: PB Drive
Rides: 6"1' ...
Lost Psycho Ward Model
Favorite trick: Frontside grab rail reverse
Dream trip: Indo

Dream trick: Fronstide grab rail air reverse
Favorite current surf vid: Secret Machine
Favorite old skool surf vid: The Show

Being so passionate about the action sports world, and particularly surfing, I figured it was time I did something about it and share my thoughts, insights, knowledge, and experience with the rest of the world. That is why I have decided to start this blog and embark on my Surf Ambassador journey. I'm not writing this for all the fame, the hot chicks, and the celeb status that all the other bloggers constantly achieve everyday, I'm doing it just for fun mannnnn. So chill out, go wild, put ya stunna shades on, fill up your red cup, put your helmet on, clean out your colostomoy bag, or do whatever it is you have to do to prepare yourself for this shit cause it's gona be one hell of a ride!

Keep your eyes peeled for the next episode filled with the good stuff like: groundbreaking surf news, profiles, results, how-tos, and all that good stuff; cause I'm sure done talking about myself.
Froth* it homies!

Dream big, live bigger!
--Surf Ambassador Hendo

Hendonesia or Indonesia? Fuacck!
* Hendonesian glossary coming soon...

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