Saturday, May 24, 2008


Sup fellas and stellas, Surf Ambassador Hendo here. I just wanted to write a quick sec about one section of this blog; the film review section. Obviously whenever anyone writes something, there exists a certain amount of bias and/or pre-existing views about anything they write about which is in part due to the phi-nomenon of what some scientists have called "nature vs nurture" (I think?). Obviously I was raised differently and have experienced different things than that of a man who was raised by deaf wolves in the Sahara desert or a woman who was raised by monkeys in the basement of a Costco. Anyways, I guess what I'm trying to get at here is the fact that when I write these film reviews (that will make you salivate in pleasure and excitement of course) , the reviews themselves are just one man's opinion; and it just so happens that this man has been professionally educated in both fields (film and surfing) by some sort of weird coincidence. So, in plain English, don't throw a hissy fit and get all agro if I bash your favorite movie, and likewise don't send me a severed rat's head if I promote your least favorite flick. These are just my opinions and my views, if you have something to say, split kook and start your own page brah!

With that being said, I'd also like to mention why I'm taking the time to do in depth-analysis of these films, their creators, and their stars. With the progressive nature of the ever advancing technology and the influx of new surf stars popping up ever single day, there seems to be a shitload of surf videos coming out every month. With so many new flicks and so many great surfers killing it out there, it's easy to get lost when you go to your local surf shop and want to pick up something worth while. Trust me, I have definitely done the impulse surf vid buy a few times more than once, and let me tell you that nothing feels worse than spending 30 hard earned bucks on a surf video that my dog could have made better in its sleep. So these reviews also serve to warn you about the useless crap out there that looks and sounds great from the cover but when you get home and watch it, will only cause disappointment and may be a mild seizure. Not only to warn, but also to let you know about the good stuff that's out there that will inspire you to surf and shred like you never have before.

So take a look at some of the reviews and try to think twice before you go out and buy a bag of blue cheetos just cause they look good, or some random surf dvd for that matter.

Know before you go, listen to Surf Ambassador Hendo.
-Shralp it
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